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COMPACTO® is our newest and most refined product technology. Compacto is an ideal product for restaurants and artisanal sauce industries. Our traditional fermented mash goes through a mechanical process designed by Hugo Restrepo & Cia to extract part of its water to achieve a paste that is concentrated. It contains salt for its preservation and acetic acid to guarantee its PH stability and optimal fermentation.


Natural flavor  and long shelf-life. COMPACTO® is a concentrated chili pepper with no additives. Easy to handle, easy to store and does not require refrigeration. It is available in small bottles, ideal for hotels and restaurants; as well as in large bottles or drums for the food industry.

Shelf life is 24 months.

Comparison — Fresh fruit vs. Concentrated Paste

VarietyFresh fruit per Kg.Fruits per Kg of COMPACTO®


Available throughout the year.

Habanero (red, green or yellow), Jalapeño (green or red), Cayenne, and Serrano (green or red). All with a percentage of salt and acetic acid.

*The seed is used when clients prefer a product with more texture.

Packing options

PET bottle 135 gm,  1100 ml, Plastic drum 215 Kg, Flexitank with 23,500Kg


-16,400 Kg (20’container) sea freight.

– 1 pallet (total amount of kg will depend on the type of packing) for air freight.


Ideal for Chef’s that need a product with a long shelf life, that can be used in all their spicy preparations with a standard measurement. Its also ideal for  larger industries that prefer a product with a more controlled fermentation and  that can benefit from the easy storage characteristic.

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