COMPACTO: more chili flavor in less space

The whole world is immersed in a logistics crisis like never before. All industries have been touched and specially the export businesses have been affected by the rise in prices and the difficulties to find shipment confirmation.  We have certainly been affected. Agricultural supplies have soaring prices and shipping confirmations are on a constant roll-over. Materializing an export operation today is a major success.

In this situation, to think of ways to deliver more product in less space has become very important in order to stay in business and avoid a disproportionate price hike in your offer. For a few years now, we have been developing our product COMPACTO, a concentrated chili paste, with the objective to offer our product to industrial kitchens in a format that is easy to store and easy to use. While solving many of the problems that arise from the manipulation of chili in industrial kitchens, it turns out this product development is also ideal to optimize transport costs. Through a proprietory mechanical process developed by our Research and Development team, water is extracted to condense the product. Resulting in a thick paste with the same natural ingredient characteristics, the same color and flavor albeit spicier. The result is a paste rich in flavor and spiciness occupying less space. An ideal result for today’s export challenges.

All our varieties are available in COMPACTO, a thick paste resulting from grinding resh peppers with salt to allow a controled fermentation, depulping the resulting mash and extracting excess water. As we do not cook the product, its flavor and color are intact. More flavor in less space. We have traditionally offered it in drums, Isobags and flexitanks. We have now added bottles for HORECA use of 135gr, 340gr, 570gr, 1100gr.

Try it!

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