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How we do it

Our most important objective is to strive for maximum quality, excellence and honor commitments whilst taking care of the environment and the livelihoods of our farmers.

We carefully plan crops according to our commitments to clients. We make sure we have sufficient quantity to fulfill their demands on time. We carefully select the areas to grow a crop and provide technical assistance to each crop throughout its development, to ensure top quality and maximum crop yield.

The harvested products are grinded and fermented naturally* without artificial additives or preservatives.

The fermentation creates an ideal product full of flavor, attractive smell and a whole new nutritional value, for those who do not want to manipulate fresh chili pepper.


HR & Cia’s mission is to maintain the leadership in high quality chili pepper commercialization. Whilst providing sustainability to the social and environmental aspects of production. Our business model allows us to strengthen agricultural practices to protect the environment and to make the agri-business a socio-economic viable option for all the stakeholders.


To be a key player by 2025 in Latin – America on the export of spicy ingredients with a sustainable and responsible production with regards to the environment and the communities.


We create flavor for life: with innovation, standardization and effectiveness.