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Jalapeno Pepper

Jalapeno Pepper


The name of this chili comes from Xalapa, in Mexico.  This variety  is part of the Capsicum annuum genus and it is perhaps the most well-known chili pepper variety across the world thanks to the Mexican cuisine. However, it is now used in many other cultures and cuisines.

This is a very aromatic variety with medium pungency. When roasted and smoked its known as chipotle, a desired ingredient in the mexican cuisine.

All our varieties are available mashed, pureed, concentrated or dehydrated after a short fermentation with salt. We do not add any artificial flavor or coloring. Special blends or additions of acetic acid or other are also possible if the client needs such additional ingredients. Our objective is to  work with each client to design the perfect ingredient for their final product.

Shelf life is 24 months.

Available in

Mash (with seeds*), puree (without seeds), concentrated (with or without seeds). With a percentage of salt. All with a percentage of salt and if required a percentage of acetic acid or similar. We also have dehydrated chillis in whole or flakes. All available throughout the year.

*The seed is used when clients prefer a product with more texture.


Red, Green

Packing options

205 Kg Drum; 23,500 Kg Flexi tank

MOQ: 16,400 Kg (20′ FCL)


This product is ideal for the food industry in the production of sauces, flavored packaged food, dressings and even cocktails.

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