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Knowledge sharing with our farmers

At Hugo Restrepo & Cía we plan our crops every year. It all starts with the Future Produce Trade Contracts with farmers. This is the basis to respect produce commitments with our clients and the backbone of these contracts is the comprehensive and efficient technical assistance program.

Our technical assistance introduces practices essential to agricultural sustainability. We provide comprehensive support to farmers to help them increase productivity and competitiveness to their maximum potential, which will positively impact their economic and environmental sustainability.

This process starts with an initial diagnostic that let us know the available infrastructure, the farmer abilities’, its integration with the surroundings, his access to knowledge, his interest and possibility to implement new production technologies and the requirements to place this farmer and his farm at a competitive level in the chili pepper production. With this diagnostic, we know the profile of each farmer, his agricultural experience, the soil type, infrastructure, technology, available labor, geographic location and available resources.

Agricultural Management Plan

We then design the best fit production system for each farmer, taking into account his profile, available resources and disposition for an agricultural management plan. Once implementation starts, we suggest the changes that the farmer should adopt to improve productivity, field technology and post-harvest processes. We perform soil analysis and foliage analysis; as well as we recommend drip irrigation, nutrition plans and phytosanitary management. We also communicate the quality requirements for harvest, post-harvest, grinding, storage and dispatch to the main storage facility.

This Agricultural Management Plan is geared towards ensuring raw materials have the highest characteristics. We advise on the use of biological controllers, bio-agricultural inputs, active chemical ingredients of low environmental impact and we stress the need to closely monitor and control the standard maximum limits of pesticide residues.

This is how we get a high quality while using efficiently all the agricultural inputs throughout the productive process. Hence complying with the national and international standards for pesticide residues, plastic fibers and other in the final raw material for national and international markets.

Our technical assistance is provided by personnel expert in the chili pepper crop, we transfer knowledge to farmers to improve crops. This helps us get closer to the farmer and work together as a team toward a high-quality objective.

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