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The Tabasco sauce has gone to unexpected places


The traditional green and red bottle of Tabasco sauce is a common place on the tables of many restaurants  and homes around the world. Next to the salt, pepper, oil and vinegar we often find the distinctive bottle. Even the armies of various parts of the world include a tiny bottle of Tabasco as part of the condiments in each meal ration.

Founded in 1868 in Louisiana, today it is the most recognized spicy sauce. Its label has been printed in 36 languages, which has ensured its presence in many corners of the world.

In recent weeks there has been a stir for a new scenario in which this iconic bottle has appeared. In the St. Joseph Catholic Church in the city of Parks in Louisiana, they have spotted a small bottle visible in the painting of the Last Supper.

The story is that the Reverend Bryce Sibley in 2003 upon arriving at the Church saw that repairs and new pieces of art were necessary to revitalize the building. Thus, he commissioned the artist Christie Hebert to make a replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, but warned that he did not want an exact replica but rather a work with a local touch. They decided to include the Tabasco bottle among glasses, breads and a bottle wine. They called it ‘the little human element’ in this painting.

This is how the most famous chili sauce in the world has a presence even in works of religious art!

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