It's a chili pepper variety from the genus Capsicum chinense. With very few exceptions, the habaneros are among the spiciest chilies of the world with around 300,000 SHU. There are several habanero varieties, which vary mostly in form and color. These varieties are popular in Mexico, Central America, and some Caribbean islands. The salient characteristic of all habaneros’ types is its intense flavor of mature fruits and its intense fruity and citric flavor.

Habanero is the spiciest ingredient available for the food industry, it is ideal for very spicy sauces and dressings, where a strong flavor can be added in small quantities without altering the flavor profile of a final dressing.

We market our products mashed, naturally fermented and preserved in salt. According to client requirements we can add a percentage of vinegar and can also mix it with other varieties of our products to reach particular flavors. There are no chemical additives or flavorings. Shelf life is 24 months.

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Habanero peppers are among the spiciest peppers in the world.

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Are perhaps the most known pepper variety thanks to the Mexican cuisine.

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Its flavor has smoked, acid and fermented elements and has a medium pungency.

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Specially developed for the kitchens of the world. All our varieties are available in COMPACTO.

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