Our Founder

Hugo Restrepo Ramírez


A Colombian, passionate for our land and people and a tireless fighter to achieve its goals; outstanding father and friend, wise counsellor and devoted to his family. Mr Restrepo was an Economist from the Universidad Nacional (1961) with a Masters’ degree on Finance from Stanford University. Professor of Accounting and Audits at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Universidad del Valle; Dean of the Master’s degree on Business Administration and President of the Universidad del Valle. Financial vice-president of the Valle Financial Corporation; Board Member and President of the General Assembly for several years of Andesat, the enterprise responsible for the satellite system of the Andes region; and founder of multiple companies.

After 44 years of leading the company, Hugo Restrepo & Cia S.A. is the materialization of his thinking and vision of innovative economic entrepreneurship with a social and environmental commitment. Hugo Restrepo, a passionate and protector of nature, strove all his life to promote an efficient, socially and environmentally friendly agriculture, where company development, environment and social development are all parts of the same goal. Hugo Restrepo & Cia S.A. has an agricultural business model that promotes the importance of the environment; the importance of the farmer and the development of his agricultural knowledge to ensure better results through the use of sustainable practices; and the importance of agriculture as the axis and engine of rural development.

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