Social and Environmental Commitment

Farmers sign contracts to plant exclusively for our companies, and develop their crop under strict supervision and support from our agronomists throughout the production process. This includes capacity building workshops, weekly visits to inspect the field and direct guidance at field level. We provide capacity building workshops in the use and safe application of pesticides, use of biological controls, use of permitted agrochemicals (as per the USA Persuap list and EU norms), and in general in the Good Agricultural Practices. In addition, the use of drip irrigation in all crops which has helped us to save millions of liters of water.

Our model allows us to buy 100% of the yield at pre-established prices which are not affected by the economic downturns of demand and supply.

As of today, in Peru and Colombia there are more than 600 families that are benefitted by a commercial relationship with our companies. With this we contribute with the social and economic growth of the two countries in which we operate.

Characteristically the company has always taken into consideration the environment in all its operations. All areas of the company are constantly looking to incorporate internally and externally a culture of no waste, no degradation, and environmental protection. Similarly, there is a constant search to improve the workers’ and farmers’ conditions, understanding that the sustainability of the company depends on the sustainability of the livelihoods of the farmers.

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