Our Clients

Years of experience in this agribusiness, our rigorous planning process, the favorable tropical weather and our geographic location, allow us to offer our clients a standardized product, that is trustable and a year-round flow of production. We ensure our client with a product that is manufactured under strict health, cleanliness and safety conditions, controlled and audited by our national authorities.

For those companies that use chili pepper as an ingredient to their products, we facilitate their work by processing the fresh fruit and naturally preserving its flavor, pungency and color. Resulting in a product that helps them optimize time and resources at our clients end.

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Habanero peppers are among the spiciest peppers in the world.

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Are perhaps the most known pepper variety thanks to the Mexican cuisine.

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Its flavor has smoked, acid and fermented elements and has a medium pungency.

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Specially developed for the kitchens of the world. All our varieties are available in COMPACTO.

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