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Frequently Asked Questions

Our chili pepper mash and puree do not involve any cooking process. Clean fresh peppers are ground within 24 hours of harvest and salt is added at grinding to promote natural fermentation. During fermentation barrels are allowed to liberate  gases, after two weeks they reach a stable stage. According to each client’s request we may add a small amount of natural preservatives such as acetic acid, citric acid or vinegar to reach their requirements.

The fermentation process is an ancestral technique for food preservation without chemicals, it enhances the flavor and color of the peppers and provides numerous health benefits. 

Our products are not organic. However, our fruits are carefully controlled to make sure forbidden pesticides by the European Union, United States and Colombian regulations are not used, which is confirmed by periodic analysis of random samples. Our final product after fermentation  has a clean label that includes only natural food additives such as salt, vinegar, citric acid or acetic acid.

Mashed peppers: our fresh and clean peppers are grinded with salt. This product includes the seeds and the skin of the peppers.

Pureed peppers: our fresh and clean peppers are grinded with salt and then de-seeded through a pulper machine.   

COMPACTO: the pureed peppers are further concentrated through a proprietary concentration process that does not include chemical agents or heating.

All our varieties are available in these three options.

We can also provide any variety dehydrated and/or roasted. Available as whole fruit, flakes or powder.

Our spiciest variety is Habanero. However, we are certainly interested in growing spicier varieties. Do you have a super-hot variety and are looking for a partner to grow it for you? Contact us!

All our products are used as ingredients by large sauce producers or large producers of spicy food. Our concentrate, COMPACTO, can be used in small industrial kitchens or HORECA sector.

For export, we accept orders of minimum a 20’ container (16,400Kg). However, we have distributors for the Middle East, the United States and Europe. Contact us and we can put you in contact.