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Supporting the Sustainable Agricultural Systems of Cauca


The Government of the Cauca (Region) through the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development are implementing a sustainable agricultural system for families who are victims of the armed conflict. The general objective of the project is to strengthen this population through agricultural projects that can jumpstart their economic inclusion. The program includes commercial alliances with private companies and capacity building. As in previous ocassions, Hugo Restrepo Y Cía has joined this program.

The program seeks to support 500 families from 11 municipalities. Hugo Restrepo y Cía. has committed to signing contracts for a total of 250 hectares, meaning that each family could provide half a hectare of chili. Our association has two purposes: agricultural training; and the real and effective purchase of everything harvested at a pre-established price. Agricultural training is essential for the success of the crop itself and therefore for the economic benefit of the communities. Our technicians will be made available to train the rural extension workers hired by the Government for this project. Educational seminars will be developed jointly with the Government for the establishment of the crop, good agricultural practices, integrated pest management, harvesting, milling and post-harvesting. Mills will also be provided on loan and strategically located so that all farmers have access to a mill. And all supplies for grinding and packaging to transport the product to our plant will be supplied by us.

Additionally, we commit to deliver 100% of the seed and to buy 100% of the production at a fixed price and the payment of a bonus for those crops that have a production greater than 35 tons.

It is our contribution to a sustainable rural life. If our rural communities have work we will all benefit. A farmer with technical skills has more business options, will improve his standard of living, will improve the quality of the product he delivers to us, and together we will improve the country’s competitiveness as an agricultural supplier.

At Hugo Restrepo y Cía we believe that chili cultivation should be a sustainable life option and a Colombian product of international quality.

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