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The agricultural contract with Hugo Restrepo & Cía: Environmental sustainability and economic sustainability for farmers


Our company does not buy chilie peppers from existing crops; our business model is based on carrying out agricultural contracts with farmers or small associations in Colombia and Peru, which allow us to have traceability from start to finish.

We sign a contract with each farmer ensuring a price per kg. fixed, and stable, and we also guarantee the purchase of all the crops under exclusivity with our company. Likewise, we provide our seeds, and technical support from a team with extensive experience. In addition to providing a personalized service for the needs of each crop, they estimate the projection of investments and expenses per crop, in order to obtain the target yield. At the same time complying with the strictest international regulations on the use of chemicals.

We are moved by concepts that revolve around sustainability. In the environmental aspect, we promote the reduction of plastics, sustainable water management, and we have a technological package that guarantees quality standards for global regulatory requirements. In the social aspect, we teach farmers our experience so that chili, mixed with other crops, is sustainable over time and they continue to be our suppliers for years. Likewise, everything that is harvested is sold already sold, so farmers will never have the worry that we will not comply with their contracts.

And finally, in the economic aspect, the sustainability of our company and the development of our farmers is guaranteed by the long-term and trustworthy relationships that we generate with our clients. This model that we have strengthened for more than 45 years of existence, has built strong relationships with the entire value chain of our business. The proof of this is the time that our largest farmers and customers have accompanied us.

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