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Traceability drives the quality of our chili products


Product traceability up to the farm of origin is one of our strengths’ Camilo Restrepo, CEO of Hugo Restrepo & Cía.

Product quality is without a doubt a key element of a business success. In our almost 50 years of experience in the market, we have clients who have bought from us from the begginning and most of our clients have been with us for more than 15 years. This statistics are testament to the quality of our product and our service as Habanero, Jalapeno, Cayena and Serrano ingredients providers. That quality is a direct result of our traceability system that runs through the whole production system and aligns all actors towards product quality.

Traceability in our contract farming model

Traceability is the mechanism by which we can track each product from the farm of origin, where it was grinded and all its process in our warehouse. A simple alphanumeric code tells us all the process and steps the fruit has been through. Eventually, it can help us find the source of problems down the line. Which ultimately has a double use, we can constantly improve processes and make all the production chain bound to the end quality result. This mechanism is ideal to find sources of quality shortfalls, hence providing the possibiity to always be in the lookout for ways to improve processes and techniques to ensure high quality in the end product. This is particularly important in agriculture, where we have to control the use of pesticides, the traces of heavy metals, as well as the indiscriminate manipulation of the fruit.

Our agricultural model of contract farming requires farmers committed with the quality of the product. Farmers whose main objective is to provide high quality chili peppers in accordance with the standards communicated by the field technicians of Hugo Restrepo y Cía.. This will ensure our chili peppers have the standards necessary to access the american and european markets, without traces of pesticides, heavy metals or other toxins. Similarly, its in the best interest of the farmer that the quality is maintained in the grinding stations, to ensure that there are no foreign objects affecting the mash until it is handed over at our warehouse. From which moment, the main objective of the warehouse personnel is to preserve and ensure the quality of all products and subproducts during handling, storing and final packaging.

Traceability along with the field and warehouse operations registry are key allies of all actors in the production chain: farmers, field technicians, grinding stations and warehouse staff.

Traceability is definately a key strength in our company and the basis for our credibility!

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