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Destination of the month: FOODEXJapan

We are very excited, after months of hard work we can now announce that we will be in FOODEXJapan 2021. This fair is an important Gateway to Japan and to the Asian market and a place where we will get to see the latest food and flavor trends.

We partnered with Cámara de Comercio de Cali and Procolombia to have stand space and samples for Asian customers to know better our product. Along with other four companies, we will be representing meaningful and exceptional products that are produced in Colombia’s Valle del Cauca. This is a region with a very strong agricultural tradition due to the fertility of its soils and the intense flavor of its produce.

Asia is a region where we haven’t had the opportunity to showcase our products. The fact that many Asian countries use chili peppers in their traditional cuisines, coupled with their understanding of fermented products and the use of vinegar, makes Asia a key destination for our chili pepper products.

We are bringing our latest innovation in food ingredient: COMPACTO.  It is mashed chili peppers, depulped, concentrated and fermented with salt and vinegar. The result is a very stable mash that can be used by producers of spicy sauces or in small and medium restaurant kitchens or HORECA customers.

COMPACTO stands out because it has a clean label. This paste is concentrated though a proprietory mechanical process to extract water, then mixed with salt to jumpstart fermentation and then stabilized with vinegar. There is no heating in the process, no use of artificial additives, nor preservatives.

COMPACTO is ideal for sauce producers because it’s very stable and has a long shelf life. It is also ideal for industrial or artisanal kitchens because of its easy to use and easy to store packaging. The kitchens will have all the flavor and color richness at hand, without going through the uncomfortable chopping and grinding of fresh chilies.

COMPACTO is environment friendly, its concentration process ensures minimum amount of water is transported, maximizing space efficiency in containers. Also, COMPACTO is produced supporting small farmers in Colombia, including ex-combatants in the national social reinsertion program.

And finally, COMPACTO is available in a range of colors: red, green, yellow and orange. As well as available from four distinct chili pepper varieties that range from mildly spicy to very spicy: Cayena, Jalapeño, Habanero and Yellow Peruvian.

Come and see us at FOODEXJapan!!

Booth 5G10

Makuhari Messe, Chiba

9-12 March

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