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Young Researchers from ICESI University Up for the Creation of a Chili Biotransformation Spin-Off


Colombia has agricultural potential, but it needs to innovate and add greater value to its exported products and thus generate a greater economic impact in the country and greater opportunities of interest for young people. The big bet is to innovate and generate innovative products with greater added value from the raw materials that we produce in our fertile lands.

This is the central axis of a research project for the transformation of Chili peppers, led by the ICESI University, which supports the launch of a ‘Spin Off’ -a technology-based company. This project involves public entities such as Agrosavia and ITA, and the productive sector through Hugo Restrepo & Cía. and the BIOS business group. These alliances will increase the viability of the project result.

The project manages to articulate the participation of young scientists, the creation of a sustainable and sustainable company, the diversification of export products, the creation of technological added values and the search for products that allow improving the quality of poultry products with natural aids.

“The trade balance of developing countries has always been in deficit. Bananas are produced and bananas are exported, however, processed products return to the country and can have a cost 4 or 5 times higher. That is, we must increase the value of the products that are developed in Colombia, we have to do biotransformations that add value so that the products have more economic impact.”
Guillermo León Montoya, Leader in Applied Research & Technological Development at ICESI University.

The project is part of a broader initiative that seeks to incorporate young researchers and innovators in various regions of Colombia, with financing from the Science, Technology and Innovation Fund. The young researchers: Esteban Castaño Llanos, José Luis Medina Olives and Brayan Stiven Sánchez Peláez are the ones who carry out this interesting project with the guidance of Professor Guillermo León Montoya from the ICESI University.

This initiative will benefit small producers and communities in several regions of Colombia. The project focuses on crop diversification, specifically on the production of Chili-based products, with the aim of creating phytogenic additives for the poultry industry. It is highlighted that this innovative approach could improve the quality of products such as chicken and eggs, benefiting both animals and end consumers by reducing the use of chemicals and the preventive application of antibiotics.

“After almost 50 years exporting Colombian chili peppers to the world, we know the potential of chili-based products with greater added value. We are extremely pleased to be part of this initiative and to be able to work hand in hand with other companies, the public sector, the ICESI University. As well as to see that young researchers can take our product a little further.”
Analía Restrepo, Director of Innovation and Development, Hugo Restrepo y Cía

At Hugo Restrepo we believe in the need to support technological developments that are of greatest interest to young people, to take our product to new technological frontiers. We also believe in the need to work hand in hand with other Colombian companies in the development of more complex products; to work hand in hand with the Universities of Valle del Cauca in research and development and to work with public entities such as Agrosavia and ITA that have a lot to contribute to us.

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