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A special recognition to our Chili heroes


For more than four decades our business has been marketing spicy ingredients for the food industry. Today, in 2023, we reach more than 20 countries on all continents with habanero, cayenne, jalapenos, serrano and tabasco chiles. These varieties are produced throughout Colombia and Peru, with strict quality measures.

Our achievements would not be possible without the hard and responsible work of those farmers who have taken on the challenge of planting for us under the technical support of our team, with recommendations in sustainable water management, and the careful use of chemicals allowed by the most demanding markets. Each of these field workers has signed a contract with us, in which they commit to provide us their complete crops, and in which we commit to acquiring them at a fair and sustainable price over time. We have always offered transparent conditions for people we respect and value.

During 2023 we had important challenges: A prolonged winter, and in some areas unexpected droughts; the increase in consumption of spicy foods in the world, and the shortage in many producing countries, which led us to try to increase harvests in some places with success, and in others not so much. Our aim has always been to continue to support our farmers, together we can face any obstacle.

With some setbacks, and many efforts, we managed to cover most of our clients’ orders; even new clients arrived from regions that we did not serve before, and all this thanks to the work of our farmers.

For this reason, we could not say goodbye to the year without thanking the brave field workers, chili producers who committed to us and who, today see themselves benefiting from our Agricultural Contracts. Seeing your messages of joy and hope for working with us is a great encouragement.

Knowing that today more than 600 peasant families in Colombia and Peru are part of the supply chain of spicy inputs for the world, is a great source of pride for Hugo Restrepo y Cía. In 2024, new challenges, new markets, new clients will come, and we hope to continue working with you; Seeing each other grow together is our great goal. Thank you for being part of this great family. Happy holidays, and we hope to have a great year!

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